Will you miss Spring this year?

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A boy looks to crocusReal estate is seasonal with the Spring Market usually being the best time to sell.

If you are planning to sell your house in the spring keep in mind that, for real estate, spring comes sooner than you might think!

Barring no nor’easters or continuous snow storms, the Spring Real Estate Market (between 2 rivers!) usually means the end of January or February timeframe.  And serious buyers start looking for a home right after New Year’s Day.

 If inventory has been low and buyer demand is high, this can affect the speed and price and terms at which you can sell. Sometimes being the first one out of the starting gate in a market like that can result in competing bids and a fast sale.

Your Realtor, who knows the market, the trends, the buyer activity, etc., can consult with you on the specific timing that is best for selling your home. 

So if you are thinking about selling this spring, it is probably time to call the handyman, make those small repairs (that you have been living with for 4 years!), touch up paint and start decluttering…and call your Realtor!

The Spring Real Estate Market is about to sprung!

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