What’s My Home Worth

Options for Determining Your Homes Value 

If you are contemplating a move it is not easy to make decisions without all the information.  One of the things you will need to know is, “What Your House is Worth”.  A skilled Realtor can help you with this by preparing what is called a “Comparative Market Analysis” report for you.  This opinion of value involves a fair amount of work by the Realtor but is provided at no cost to you and with no obligation.   After looking at your home, to see its condition and floor plan, the Realtor invests some time preparing a report that compares your home to other similar homes that are currently “On the Market”, “Pending” or that have recently “Sold”. 

It is possible to find sites on line that offer value “estimates”, compiled from information that they get from on line records and databases.  But without actually “seeing” your home, these truly are only “estimates” and can hardly be viewed as accurate and definitely should not be something that you rely on if you are trying to make major decisions about whether or not you should buy or sell.

Paying for a professional appraisal by a Certified Appraiser is another option to determine the current market value of your home.  These assessments are generally very accurate as the appraiser will come to look at your home and compare it to recent sales data of similar homes.  But these will generally run you $300-600. and you will be given a report that uses the same data provided by the real estate agent, but that is much more difficult to read.

If you need to know what your house is “really” worth, at no cost, and no obligation, I can help.  Just give me a call or use the form below to email me.


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