No Quarters, No Problem. Parking on Credit in Somerville, MA

said on August 31st, 2011 filed under: A Day In The Life, Community Information

parkingmeterI need to park at meters a lot in my line of work.  I try to keep a dish of quarters in my car but inevitably, whenever I need one, the dish is often empty.  When I find myself without change, I usually take my chances rather than running into a store to get change, figuring I will be back quickly and that I will beat the metermaid.  When I return to a $50 ticket I wish I had made a bigger effort…

But finally there is hope for those of us without change!  The city of Somerville is trying out some new parking meters that take credit cards, as well as coins.  The meters are pretty user friendly, solar powered and being tested out in the Davis Sq area.  I have also seen them in Union Square.

So now you can save those quarters for the laundromat and not waste them on your parking meter!


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