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Yes, the best time to sell a home has traditionally been in the Spring. Buyers are typically more focused, winter is on its way out, and everything looks better with plants starting to bloom.

But this year is different.  Not only is waiting until spring unnecessary, it could actually be costly.

The recent inventory shortage has resulted in over asking selling prices and shorter days on market to sell. Multiple buyers for each home listed has meant buyers have had to compete and offer exceptional terms, as well as over asking prices.

Buyers are presently waiting for new inventory.  And with the fear that interest rates can only rise (having been at record lows for years), they are ready to take action and will likely continue to do so through the early winter months.

And as home values climb, there are likely to be more people who choose to sell, hence producing more inventory and less competition.  And the shortage of single family homes in the Cambridge area has caused the single family homes in the surrounding towns (Arlington, Belmont & Watertown) to be in greater demand and more valuable, and drive up the values there.

This means you don’t have to wait until spring, the right market is right now.

If you would like to explore how I can help you maximize this unprecedented time in real estate, please call me. Strategic presentation, comprehensive marketing and skilled negotiating can ensure that you realize top dollar in this market as well as terms that minimize the stress that typically comes with selling a home. I can help you leverage this unique time.


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