Final Steps to Closing Your New Home

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closing dayBuyer’s Agents always advise their clients do a “Final Walk Through” just before the closing.

It is important to see the house, usually on the way to the closing, one last time.

You do this for all the obvious reasons:
  • to make sure no significant damage was done when the seller moved out
  • to make sure all the inclusions/exclusions previously negotiated are there/were removed
  • to make sure that any agreed upon repairs have been completed
  • to make sure the house is left in the standard “broom clean condition”.  (Through the years I have seen that “broom clean” has a very different meaning to each person!)
Perhaps the most important reason you do a final walk through is:
  • to make sure the seller has moved out.

It may sound funny, and it took 18 years in the business before it happened to me, but you do want to make sure the seller is not included!  Recently I did a final walk through at a home and it was pretty clear that one half of the selling party had not moved out and was not planning to. You definitely will want to find this out before you sign the papers and get the keys!

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